Bandsaws: The next one after the 14" delta

Ed Griner

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  Hello everybody, I'm in the market for a bigger bandsaw and have been looking all over the place. Contacted several people that wrote articles,watched bulletin boards,etc.My delta is just not big enough. The size range would 18"to24" with modern amenities,three to five horse,single phase.I've not able able to find any union made,american manufactured saws. The market seems to be saws from italy,austria, and asia.I would like to hear your opinions and experiences with bandsaws you own or have owned and any recommendations you have to assist me in my search.As far as cost,it seems to vary,some of the companies,  I've talked to have no track record,such as established tannewitz,oliver,grob,do-all,etc,but want the big money for machinery relatively new to the USA. Please let me know,Ed
You might consider some older saws.  Delta made a nice 20" saw, as did Powermatic.  You can also sometimes find older 36" models around.  I have a 36" American (made prior to WWI I think).  The resaw capacity is 18".  You can look at a list of old bandsaws on  I really know next to nothing about new ones, so maybe someone else can chime in?  Where are you located.  I have a friend in CT looking to sell a bandsaw or two. 
  Hi Rob, I live in south jersey,and I'm open to suggestions.


What bandsaws and how much does your friend have for sale? 

Pete Aleksa
I'm really puzzled here......In my 20 years of woodworking right now is the best time I've ever seen to buy used machinery! Seems like ton's of it out there going for pennies with all the wood shops going under! You must be looking in all the wrong places. Check the classifieds, craigslist, IRS Auctions. I bought a 32" for 75 bucks a few years ago in Paradise PA and wouldn't trade a house for my Yates American Y42 that I got for $225! Don't go thinking you'll bring it home, plug it in and be sawing. That won't happen with a new saw and certainly won't with a used one but you'll need to learn how to set them up properly anyway. Woodworking machine maintenance is a big part of what I do for a living. Even if you spend as much fixing up an old "basketcase" as a new saw you'll be better off. There are NO.....NO.....NO good asian made saws!!! They do not exist...PERIOD!!! They may run nice at first(probably not) but will NOT last! Also, there's a reason you don't see industrial 24" or larger saws with single phase motors, they can't handle the long starting cylce, they burn out too quick! There are ways around 3 phase. If you ever see a 5hp motor on a 24" saw be very suspicious, it's nowhere near that kinda like the newer Sears "max developed" junk! A good, true 2hp is more than that size saw would ever need even for resawing.
I agree with Mark there are tons of excellent used machines available right now. I was at an auction a few weeks ago and there we're 5 older powermatics. The min bid was $500 and 2 we're no sales. These were a little older but we're made when powermatic was still in the USA and were top notch machines. A bandsaw is an easy machine to maintain as well. Not to many moving parts. At most they will need new tires/bearings. That's about all that wears out on them.

As for 3 phase machines motor swaping can get expensive but VFD's are cheap and if your only running one machine at a time 1 VFD can run a whole shop.

My Bandsaw is a 20" Jet from the late '80's and has a 2 speed 2HP motor, I can resaw 12" hard maple as fast as I can push it through.

You should have no problem buying a highend used machine for under $1k.
Sorry it has taken me a while to write back.  My friend has a 36" Moak he is trying to sell at the moment.  It is a very nice saw, solid wheels, direct drive motor, all the guards and guides.  The one issue is that the direct drive motor is wired for 550.  He was looking for $750 for that one.  He has a more modern 36" saw made by Wadkin (an English company) that he may be willing to part with.  I agree with what the others have written.  I have seen a number of large bandsaws on Craigslist in my area.  It happened that a different friend (a tool dealer) had a 36" American lying around that he needed to sell.  For $300 I got a complete saw (no guards).  There were a few broken pieces (which he welded for free), and I had seen a few comparable saws listed for less $, but I preferred to deal with him, as he threw in some belts, new tires, and a new starter at no additional cost.  Big saws like these are typically not in demand, as few people can/want to move them or have space for them.  I think the majority of 36" saws will just fit under an 8' ceiling, though I had to lay mine on its back to get it through the door.  Most of these saws will require some tuning up, but a lot of the old machines I've bought work fine after I clean them up.  Like I said, is a great resource for this kind of thing.  Good luck,