Bandsaw Upgrade

Bruce W

I need to upgrade my 14" Delta.  It has some vibration problems which lead me to consider an upgrade to a better saw. 

I am particularly interested in resawing thin veneers, and am considering a Grizzly G0513X2B 17" 2 HP Extreme-Series? Bandsaw.  I can go to $1,500 for the right saw. 

I have read suggestions of getting an old Walker-Turner, or other used gem and restore it., but that is not possible for me.  So accepting that the newer saws are not as good as the old ones, what do you suggest as next best? 

I've never bought a tool unseen, so would like comments on Grizzly as well.

Bruce Wedlock
The 14" Deltas are a good little work horse and with the riser block will saw to 12 inches I believe. It might pay for you to track down the cause of the vibration. Not so much because you want to keep the saw but because the knowledge you gain will help you maintain another newer saw as well. It could be something like a bent wheel or something simple like sawdust built up unevenly on the inside of a wheel. Take the blade off and run it, if it vibrates the problem is in the lower wheel, shaft or pulleys, if not it is in the upper wheel. Bearings are cheap and easy to replace if that is the cause. It could be a bad tire. If you can track down the problem and fix it you will have a better saw to sell and have more knowledge about bandsaws if in the future your new saw, should you buy one, begins to have problems.
I have not operated one but I believe the Grizzly saw got a good review not that long ago but I don't remember where, possibly FWW.
I wish I was nearby so I could haul that vibrating piece of junk away for you.
Not sure what your budget is, but Agazzani makes a B2020 that is a 20" bandsaw that can resaw 20".  You can put a Lexon Woodmaster CT on it and have a great saw for veneer.  I would however keep you 14" and try to get it working for a 3/8" blade for small stuff.

With a very red face I must admit that Mike suggestilon of a dirty tire was the problem.  I just didh't think it was that dirty.  But a few revolutions against a piece of 120 grit paper, and it is now running smoothly.  Thanks for the advice.

Now I will get hate mail from Grizzly! Glad you looked at it. Like I said earlier, now you have knowledge that will transfer to the next bandsaw with problems you encounter .