Bandsaw Blade brands


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I have a 20" bandsaw and my blades are getting pretty tired. I was wondering what blades you use and are happy with. I am looking for a resaw blade and a general 3/8" blade.
Suffolk Machinery sells Timberwolf blades. They also have sales as well a a special price for purchasing multiples.
I have a local shop that sharpens and makes blades for band mills, there are a lot of saw mills around here. He keeps  rolls of 3/4 and 1 inch and makes up blades for me and it is much cheaper.  He can even sharpen them. There may be a shop near you.
Peerless band saw blades. I order 3/8" at 16 teeth per inch. I think you have to order 10. Or check with your local hardware store to order.
I have a MM20 and typically go with Lenox blades through Specrtrum Supply online.  The Trimaster or Woodmaster CT for your resaw blades, and the Diemaster 2 for other needs.  Although, the Diemaster makes for a good economical resaw blade as well.