Band Saw Wheels


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Does anyone know where I can send my 16-inch Walker Turner Bandsaw wheels to be re-tired, crowned, and balanced. I have tried twice on my own and have been very frustrated with the results.
Thanks, Dan
A few years ago I did a 1911, 20 inch. I found a place in central Wisconsin that would do it. I can't remember the name but I found it by searching this site Hope it helps.
He's referring to Woodworkers Tool Works. They've redone their website since I was on it last. They even have a few youtube videos on there now. Get ready for about a hundred bucks a piece plus shipping. I'm unsure just what problems you had doing it yourself though? Unless you're running wide blades don't get too concerned with the crown, just so they're concentric. 1/2" and under blades don't really need crown. As crazy as it sounds a belt sander works good to true the tires up. The top wheel is easiest, just block up the sander upside down on the table securely and use the tension mechanism to lower the wheel and adjust the cut as you spin it by hand. The bottom wheel takes a little more creativity to mount the sander and come up with a fine adjustment! Sometimes you can just take the bottom wheel off and put it up top to true it. If at first you don't succeed.....