Are you on the fence about joining SAPFM?

Jeff L Headley

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Are you on the fence about joining SAPFM? Why stay in the background when you could be outstanding in your field.


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Why stand on the fence, join SAPFM with a life time membership, thats for heifer and heifer!
No bull
It's good to see that the art of the pun is alive and well.  Clearly, none of you are pasture prime!
It's nice to see a little humor on the Forum to break up the seriousness of woodworking.

Dennis Bork
Antiquity Period Designs, Ltd.
Pun? We are just tying to steer people toward membership. If they haven't herd about SAPFM how can they join.
This banter is utterly ridiculous and the sluggish, dull,humor resembles that of my late uncle Bovinious, Although was too much of a cow-ard join the group (so I herd).
Jeff, I like your picture about being on the fence for SAPFM.  You should bring it to the conference in St. Charles, IL, in August and we will put it up in the booth.  Wouldn't it be nice to have that picture on the back of our SAPFM tee-shirts? 

Jim Vojcek