Are Breadboard Ends necessary


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I'm making a music stand that you may have seen at the governor's palace in Colonial Williamsburg. Are breadboard ends necessary on a flat surface that is 15x18x1/2"?  This flat surface is the part that holds the music. Were breadboard ends necessary to keep it from warping? 

Any input is appreciated.

Thanks, Rolly

Breadboard ends were used on period furniture for two reasons:1) to hold a surface flat that did not have any other means of doing so (like your music stand's top) 2) to cover end grain and provide an easier surface to mold, carve, or veneer.  I can recommend them as a method that looks period and works well.  Just remember to have your joinery allow for wood movement.  PSP
I just completed the same music stand. I forgot and glued one of the breadboard ends the full length of the tenon.  Should I redo it or let it go and hope it doesn't split? It is a gift to a music teacher. 

The splitting of a cross-grain glued board is likely, but not inevitable.  It depends on a lot of things.  I would let it go and if it cracks, call it antique character.  Remember, it's a gift and it's the thought that counts.   PSP
Thanks for the advise. I think I will do as advised and not try to fix it now. That was my wife's advice as well!