Anyone interested in co-op arrangement in CT?


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Just throwing out an idea to form a co-op arrangement to anyone in/near Fairfield County, CT.

I have a professional shop with a full complement of high-end industrial equipment. It's located in Bridgeport, CT. This is a part-time endeavor for me and most of the time my equipment sits idle. I also have a backlog of furniture commissions that I'm working through, so it occurred to me that it might be interesting to form a co-op that would allow woodworkers to "plug in" to a fully functioning shop, retain their independence, but have access to great equipment and be able to collaborate with others on projects where it made sense.

My equipment is fully paid for, so this isn't about me needing help paying my bills. It's more about finding like-minded woodworkers who know what they're doing and who would value working in an environment that fostered collaboration, creativity and camaraderie. Right now I have 2,000 s.f. in a factory building with great natural light, heavy power, freight elevators, loading dock etc. I have the ability to expand up to 4,000 s.f. and would do so if a couple of people were interested in this concept. The rent is cheap so if we had 3 or 4 participants, cost would be in the hundreds/month.

I don't have fully-formed plan for this, but I thought I'd throw the idea out there to gauge interest. If anyone is interested, let me know. My website is if you want to check me out (there's also a couple photos of the shop).


Here's partial equipment list:
- Griggio 24" planer
- Porter 20" jointer
- Felder KF700 sliding table saw and shaper
- Tannewitz dual-arbor sliding table saw
- Minimax 24" band saw
- Minimax copy lathe
- Progress edge sander
- Supermax 37" dual drum sander
- William & Hussey molder
- Dust collection system
- Hoffman dovetail key router
- Kreg pocket screw machine
- General mortising machine
- Davis & Wells horizontal boring machine
- General drill press
- Plus assorted smaller machines/tools -- router table, miter saw, dovetail jigs, scroll saw, etc.