Any new books that we must all have.


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Just curiously wondering if there are any new books that you would recommend?  I am thinking books about furniture, history of furniture, woods, trades, etc.

Thats a good question. alot of new books are just rearranging information from previous publications. Many museum publications are a little lacking of details, measurments etc.  Lost art Press has been issuing books that would be of merit. But still, the shortage of newer quallity publications ( and the price of printing) have kept high or risen the prices of many older publications, R. Mussey's Seymour excelent book for instance. 
Well since its not been mentioned here - “To Make as Perfectly as Possible: Roubo on Marquetry” by one of our own.
By Donald C. Williams, Michele Pietryka-Pagán & Philippe Lafargue

I second what Tony has to say, I think lost art did a great job with the book. I haven't gotten all the way through it yet but I've found it very interesting and have had enough ah-ha moments to make me recommend it.

The joiner and cabinet maker is an enjoyable read, you probably won't learn any woodworking principals you are familiar with, but I enjoyed the  early 1800's context of the writing.

mouldings in practice is a great reference book, I find myself flipping through it a lot for ideas on moldings and the steps to make them.
Although it's a couple of years old now, Jack Holden's "Furnishing Louisiana: Creole and Acadian Furniture, 1735 to 1835" is a great book. And big and heavy enough to help keep your veneer flat, if it comes to that.