American Period Furniture website-- to all those trying to renew membership


I typically get one or two emails this time of year with people trying to renew their SAPFM membership.

SAPFM.ORG is the source of all information related to SAPFM membership.

I own a site  And it says right on that sight, it is my personal site for advancing period furniture.  I even advertise SAPFM, and include a link to that site.

It does not really bother me to get these emails, and I do what I can to help the people.

But recently someone attempted to contact me, but unfortunately for them, they have a spam blocker that prevents emails from people not in their contact list.

So, I suggest if you want to reach SAPFM about your membership, go to SAPFM.ORG.  You will have more luck.

I hope you got your membership updated.

Ken Johnson