American Furniture in The Metropolitan Museum of Art: Early Colonial Period

Tom M

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On Clearance at the MMA for $25.00 (Currently $81 and Amazon). A lot less than what I paid for it a couple years ago! Mostly New England furniture.
  Thanks for taking the time to notify us Tom!

  --Wm. Brown
        Forest, VA
I also ordered the book, thanks.  The Metropolitan just sent me a $10.00 off note for another order. 

Jim Vojcek
Book ordered on Sunday and arrived today (Wed) with a $5.00 discount coupon for my next order. Would it in inappropriate for me to list the coupon # for anyone's next order from the Met?
Can't believe it but this book is now $10 at the MMA.
I just ordered a copy and found out that the Duncan Phyfe book is discounted to $10 also. So I ordered a copy of that too! Thanks for the heads up.