American Chestnut Lumber - Non Reclaimed


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I have approximately 1200 board foot of american chestnut lumber all cut from the same tree. The tree was growing in northern Michigan (out of the natural range) up until a few years ago when it was damaged by a wind storm, at that time the landowner had the tree milled. Before acquiring the wood I took a few samples to the local tech school where they were compared to known samples of american chestnut, everything checked out. There are some beautiful boards in this stack, some close to 30" wide and most are 5/4 to 6/4. Not something I want to get rid of but I don't build enough furniture to justify keeping it and I'm in the process of starting a business so I could use the funds. Contact me by email if you're interested: [email protected]. Wood is located near Traverse City, MI and I have the ability to deliver anywhere within 1000 miles. Price is $10.50 a board foot for the lot.



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