(ALL SOLD) Wooden Planes In Nineteenth Century America, Vol 2, The Chapins


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At the last LFOD auction I ran into the dealer from whom I bought a case of WPINCA (Ken Roberts; Wooden Planes In Nineteenth Century America, Vol., 2, The Chapins) a few years ago. This is the dealer who bought up  the remaining stock of the Roberts' books when he passed away. He thought he had a case of the books at his home, checked with his wife, he did, so I bought it.

Which is to say I have 10 New Old Stock (or in the book business, we call them Fine, UnOpened, New or whatever) copies for sale. For those who are not familiar with the book, Vol. 2 covers the Chapin family. In particular there is a chapter on the Solon Rust patent plow plane, including the tools Rust used to make a plow plane and a pictorial review of how to make one.

I was able to buy these for a slightly better price this time around, so the price is:

Book:  $36.00 per book
Priority Mail Flat Rate Box: $10.70
Total: $46.70
Paypal, Money Order, Personal Check, S&S Green Stamps (kidding)
Paypal pay-to email is [email protected]

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