alcohol solvent for aniline dye


I have just finished a bench of quartered sawn white oak and plan to use a alcohol  Aniline dye, the dye manufacture J.E.Moser,  requires using methanol. The say to use denatured alcohol if the dye is to be used with shellac.
What is the traditional type of alcohol used in alcohol soluble aniline dyes?

I could not find small quantities of methanol locally.

Mickey Callahan

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I've used denatured alcohol with aniline dyes for years. I wouldn't get hung up trying to find methanol. Just make sure your dye application is dry before continuing with your final finish.



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If you never used alcohol dye before, just keep in mind that it dries very fast (faster than water base dye) so you must move/apply it very fast or it will streak, especially if it is a large surface. Also I would not brush on shellac over the alcohol dye as the shellac will probably pull up or lighten the dye color. I would practice on a scrape board first.

Using a water base dye with shellac over it works great. I've done this for decades.

Dennis Bork
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