Al Breed Visit to Peach State a big success


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Al Breed visited the Peach State Chapter in Atlanta for a week beginning on February 17.  On Friday night, 50 or so interested wood workers watched as Al gave a PowerPoint presentation of his work dating back to 1976.
The main presentation was on Saturday and Sunday.  We had 34 in attendance including visitors from SC and TN.  The 2 days were filled with more lectures accompanied by PowerPoint photos and demonstrations as Al focused on the process and sequence of construction of his Newport secretary.  His philosophy of construction focused on the use of power and hand tools, when to consider the use of sandpaper, making and using scratch stock, unconventional sharpening of carving tools for specialty use, story sticks, wood movement, and carving in the round.
Members show and tell included tea tables, spice boxes, Eli Terry clock, Newport secretary, tilt top table, Marquetry checker board, and the fruits of our student mentoring project.  Five students worked on a Federal style table and were nearly complete for the meeting.  A final photo is to follow soon.  Sunday afternoon included an extensive discussion of student pieces as Al contrasted their work with traditional methods of construction and design.
Sunday evening was a time for socializing and getting to know Al and each other.  Jim Milam graciously agreed to host the event.  His wife wisely chose to find an activity out of the house that night.  All had a grand time discussing furniture, wood and period techniques.
A two-day hands-on workshop began on Monday (February 20) during which 10 woodworkers watched as Al hammer veneered a small panel; carved a radius molding followed by making and using scratch stock; sharpened a card scraper; made a small drawer with bottom nailed in place, and carved a Townsend ball-and-claw foot.  Attendees showed off their work as Al critiqued details.
The work-shop was limited to 10 participants, but demand was sufficient to fill out a repeat performance on February 22nd and 23rd.  Al?s comments alone, based on his years of up-close-and-personal contact with 250-year-old antiques, were worth the cost of admission to the 6 day event.

It is safe to say all had a great time in both the presentation and the workshops.  Thanks to Al and all involved for helping make it happen.

To learn more, go to our web site at and look under "Summary" or the link on the main page.  Lots of photos of the event.