Al Breed to Visit Georgia Peach State Chapter


Well-known member
The Peach State Chapter of SAPFM 2014 fall is scheduled for November 1-4, 2014 and will feature Al Breed.  Al is a recognized expert in Newport furniture making and a SAPFM Cartouche award winner.  He visited Peach State in 2012 and was a great success.
The program this year will be on a pie-crust tilt-top tea table in the Philadelphia design.  Cost for the weekend (Sat-Sun) presentation is $100.  See our web site for more info and registration.

Workshops:  This year the workshop will be on carving and similar to what we did with Mary May earlier this year.  Each participant will bring in one or more carving projects they want advice or help on.  Al will rotate through the group giving advise and instructions.  He will give some lessons to the group as a whole, but this is meant to be a hands on project of you choosing. The workshop will be Monday and Tuesday following the weekend presentation.  Currently there is only one opening available, so contact me if you want to attend.
The cost will be $200.