Advice for Jonathan Fisher Book?

Hi all,

I am working on my manuscript for the Jonathan Fisher book that was introduced in this year’s journal. As I am putting this together over the next year or two, I thought I would take the opportunity to hear from you all what you like or would like to see in books about furniture makers. There are a lot of good ones out there. (Thomas Day, Duncan Phyfe, Dominys, Nathaniel Gould, etc.) Each has its own unique feel and contribution to scholarship. What do you like about these (or other) books?

I have access to Fisher's tools, his furniture, and the complete full archives of his journals, letters, etc. (I do plan to include catalogs of his tools and furniture a la With Hammer in Hand). What would be the way you would prefer to see this story and its material heritage presented in book format? Thanks for your advice. I know you guys are furniture book connoisseurs… just the kind of people I need to bounce this off of. Thanks!
  The book sounds like it should be fascinating.  I like reading about their personal life, philosophy, faith and practice (world view, if you will).  That always informs how they work.
  Good luck with this endeavour.  I used to frequent Blue Hill, Maine (and the Wooden Boat School) and miss that area.  Plan to return next fall after a 15 year hiatus.
I vote for a graphic novel.

Just kidding, I personally like format that most books of these types follow, the life of the person, the tools, then the work.