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Mark Arnold

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Hey folks,

Avatars are now enabled. You can personalize your web view and add a little color and interest to the Forum. Before uploading your own avatar, first prepare it with your image editing software (Photoshop, etc.). It cannot be more than 65 pixels in width or height. Save as a jpeg, gif, or png. Next, login and go to your profile. Click on Forum Profile Information and select the radio button "I will upload my own picture." Browse for the image on your computer and open it. Viola, c'est fait.

"What's an avatar?" you ask. It's the small image under my username to the left.
Hmmmmm, well, i went to profile information page but didnt see i will upload my own picture button, what am i doing wrong.
How about now? I have to keep reminding myself that, as administrator, I can see stuff that others can't.
Yep, It's all better now, let me try it out with a pic of me and my grandson

BINGO, I think we got a winner here, it's working!