A couple of questions about the upcoming Colonial Williamsburg Conference

David Conley

Well-known member
It has been a couple of years since I attended in-person. I used to enjoy the pre-conference SAPFM Business meeting with the EC Board and the Cartouche Banquet.
  • Will there a SAPFM Business meeting?
  • Is there a Cartouche Banquet at Williamsburg? I seem to remember something about it being moved to the SAPFM Summer National Meeting.
I look forward to seeing everybody again!!


No and no. Our website currently has information on the 2023 Annual Conference in April - that conference includes the Friday night reception and banquet where Dan Faia, from Rollingsford, New Hampshire will receive his Cartouche Award. Why the shift? We heard from our members that they would rather reconnect with friends or do other activities in Williamsburg than attend the Cartouche Banquet, and our attendance had been steadily declining. By moving the banquet to the SAPFM Annual Conference, we find that nearly all members attend the banquet and believe it's a better experience for all concerned.