3-D Version of Drawings

jim vojcek

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I checked out the new plans. Wow!  The Queen Anne footstool  is excellent.  Congrats to Timothy Killen and his team.  I can only guess as to how many hours were put into the drawings. 
On the Block Front Chest,  a message came up:  Drawings are moved or gone.  I hope it was not OM on my part.

Jim Vojcek
I agree that the SketchUp and 3-D drawings are fantastic.  But, please; somebody help a "not with it" old man out. I googled OM and came up with 72 meanings! None seemed to apply here.  Jim, what do you mean by OM? John McAlister
I always thought it was called an OE (Operator Error).

Once while helping a tech support person at work I told him the problem was an OE. He walked away and called the customer and told him that. About an hour later he came back and said "the customer and I couldn't find a reference to OE in the error code list." I explained it to him and was glad I didn't have to call the customer back :)!