2012 late Spring meeting

Joe Lambert

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Virginia SAPFM's Spring meeting will be later this year than normal, but none the less very exciting. It will be a two day weekend on peroid furniture finishes at Don Williams in the Shenandoah Valley May 18-20th.Anticipate getting together mid to late 18th to set pieces up. The info I have for now is limited but I did want to get it out so you can get it on your calendar. Cost for the event I assure you is very reasonable but I do not know at this point what the final cost would be. I have asked Don for further insight as to where we may stay and food facilities. No two venues have the same logistics so if anything I have learned to investigate alternatives. class is limited to 15 participant's and everyone should bring an unfinished piece.
I would like to invite anyone who would be willing to make a financial donation to our SAPFM local account to please do so in the future. The only way we can have a valuable contributor to a meeting to attend, is to pay for there room or travel. We may in the future have to do so. I have taken anything left over plus I have contributed some myself to start a small checking account to pay the bills we have. SAPFM international provides very little seed money each year, but without that it would have been unlikely we would have done the things we have done so far. If anyone is interested please mail a check directly to me at Joseph E. Lambert,520 Willwood Drive. Earlysville Va,22936. Hope to see a lot of folks there. Since I have an old email list from last Spring some from Va. may not get an email. Please let me know @[email protected] so I can add you to my list. Anyone from anywhere who is a SAPFM member is welcome.......Joe Lambert Va. SAPFM chair

Joe Lambert Va. SAPFM chair