2004 issue of American Period Furniture


New member
I would like to get a copy of the article by Steve Lash on building the Federal Knife case.  The bookstore says the 2004 issue of American Period Furniture is sold out.  Where should I look next?
Harry, presently all issues 2001 - 2005 are sold out.  The SAPFM Board is actively discussing ways to make these available again, but at present we don't have an answer.  If this hasn't been addressed by the Members' meeting on 7 Feb, I encourage you to ask the board about it then.

I pulled my copy of 2004, and here's the abstract for the article (if you don't already have it): "The origin, design and use of knife cases in early America are briefly explored. The design and construction of a reproduction case, inspired by an original in the collection of George M. and Linda H. Kaufman, are described in detail." In it, Steve Lash provides dimensions and over 50 construction photos, so it's quite extensive.  Note that the journal was in black & white back then, and the photos are not of the best resolution...but I think one could get all the information needed from them.

I'm preparing to build a Massachusetts shelf clock so can't spare my copy (Rob Millard's article covers that topic, and no other article like it).  Then there's the Lombard eagle article, which is another technique you won't find anywhere else...it's a very good issue to have!

Mark Maleski
Thanks Mark,

I took advantage of the new postings of PDF versions of the past issues and downloaded a copy of the 2004 issue.  Wonderful collection of articles.  Wish the pictures were more of the publication quality, but the article is easy to follow.  The knife case is more involved than I originally conceived, however, I'm now more interested to follow through.  Steve Lash did a superb reconstruction.