18th Century Candlebox


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Does anyone happen to have an authentic 18th century candlebox that they could send me a couple of photos and rough dimensions of?  While a very simple item, it turns out that finding a picture of one of them in one of my antique books has been a challenge, though I've got tons of these.  Alternatively, if someone remembers the volume/page number of such a box from the Isreal Sack collection books, or in another book, I'd be appreciative.
Try this link http://www.adams-antiques.net/antique_wall_boxes.html
I see 4 wall mounted ones on show, no sizes given? But it would not be difficult to measure the length of a candle, then X it by its by its thickness, hope this helps you out.

                                          Joseph Hemingway
Bartley Classic Reproductions sells a kit for a different type than Joseph's illustrations being a "table top" model having a sliding lid like the center of a raised panel door . The dimensions given on their web site are 5 5/8 wide by 13 3/4 long by 4 3/4 high and a really nice photograph is shown there.

Hi Karl, I just looked for an authentic 18th century candlebox, on goggle and that was its answer, I possible would have found your kit, if I had included Reproduction? But as Dennis did ask for authentic, the Positive thing, is he has a choice from 2 types now.

                                                    Joseph Hemingway


You are , of course, correct in your repsonse.

However, since your offerings had no dimensions, and because I know Bartley very careful about the appearance authenticity of their products, it seemed helpful to provide the imformation and let the user choose versus scaling in the rather uncertain units of "candles", and to provide an alternative configuration .

When I say "appearance authenticity" of their products, I understand that they take care that the finished appearance of their pieces be true to specific prototypes, whilst using materials and construction suited to modern enthusiaist.

I understand fully that there may well be participants in this forum that wouild choose not to proceed in this way, but I think it fair to say that the availabilty of such things has assisted the appreciation of American Period Furniture.
I have no connection with Bartley, other than as a satisfied customer.

If anyone was put off by my submission, I sincerely apologize.

Interesting - I was thinking of the table-top type of box, but the wall-hanging ones look interesting as well.  I wasn't aware of Bartley's - I've never heard of buying a highboy in kit form before!
Here is my version of Dunbar's candlebox (hopefully- re-sizing photos )

It was made from a White Oak log- rived, all hand tools, almost 20 years ago


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