18th Century Book - Classical Carving Patterns


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I saw this 1783 book on classical patterns on Ebay. A little rich for me, but pretty amazing book. Thought some of the SAPFM carvers might be interested. http://bit.ly/TbNmeH
This link is bad.  I mistakenly clicked on it.  Goes to a ebay site for a rug.

I suggest not linking on it until it is corrected.

I am no attorney, nor am I an expert on copyright laws, but it seems this is an 18th century publication which all copy rights would have expired, yes, no??

Having said that, would it be ethical and legal to purchase the book and then re-produce for purposes of shop use for sale to others willing to share in the cost?

Just a thought?

I know there was an effort to do something similar with the Moses book, but that still had copyrights in place as I recall.

I don't believe there is any problem making reproductions of the book. ethically or or otherwise. The original author is dead, the copyright has expired, so no one would be losing income from the sale of the book.

Dover books does this on a regular basis. There are probably very few members who's copy of the director is not a Dover.
Being my bread and butter, there are no restrictions on reprinting a book published that early. It's a fairly rare title but sometimes rarity doesn't mean it's worth the entrance fee! It just means that not that many people bought it to begin with. That's what I consider when I'm reviewing a rare book purchase that may cost some serious bucks.