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    Wanted: Eliphalet Chapin High Chest Plans/Templates

    Hi Jim, I reproduced that piece. I did not make drawings but measured the piece at Yale. I have a number of pictures and of course there are 20 videos I made on Youtube on building the piece. If you want the pictures, contact me at [email protected]
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    John Chipman Oxbow Chests

    Hi,   I have a client that wants a Chipman Oxbow Chest like the 2 at the Diplomatic Rooms in the Department of State.  I have the overall dimensions but would like more detail about the piece or perhaps measure it. I have not been able to find any documentation of the piece in the databases or...
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    Veneer Oxbow Drawer Front

    Hi, I am planning on veneering the drawer fronts on this oxbow chest.  I was wondering if I can veneer the sharp curve blocking near the ends of the drawer fronts? Or maybe slice and miter the piece? Thanks, Dave
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    Philadelphia Chippendale arm Chair plans

    Anyone know were I might find plans for this chair?  I have Jeffrey Greene's book and the picture is from his site.
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    Question Bombe Chest Drawer Face Interior?

    I am building a bombe chest similar to the one that John Davis built in the E-Interview Series. My question is: what to do with the inside of the drawer faces. Should they be cut down to reduce the thickness and follow the serpentine fronts. If so, what thickness is suggested.