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The Tidewater Chapter will hold its fall meeting at Ben Hobb's shop in Bethel, NC from 9am to 4pm.  

Plans have shaped up nicely for our fall Tidewater Chapter meeting, November 4th, at Ben Hobbs' shop. If you have a recently completed project, feel free to bring it to our meeting for show/tell.
The agenda is as follows:
  • Morning session warmup:  Jointed Stools:  Bill Kafes will do a short show and tell about his jointed stools.  See the attached picture and Bill's note below.  In addition, feel free to bring stools you've made or are making to discuss.
  • Carlyle Lynch's six legged Huntboard:  Ben Hobbs will do a presentation on huntboards; history, design, construction with Carlyle Lynch's six legged huntboard as the primary example.   There's a potential that we can talk Ben Hobbs into making this item a class in 2024, so come prepared with details/questions that you'll need to address in your build.
  • No-host lunch at Capt. Bob's
  • Afternoon session:  Jim Creasman and John Rowe will present on moulding planes (presentation and hands-on practice).  Topics include:
    • Moulding plane basics (mainly taxonomy).
    • What you need and how to refurbish moulding planes (assuming not everyone currently has a set of working moulding planes).
    • Sharpening plane blades
    • Accessories you need for using moulding planes (e.g., plane hammer, sticking board, sharpening stones, etc.).
    • How to approach a complex moulding design with these planes (i.e., breaking it down into steps, using a rabbet plane to break down the elements, and using the arrises and grooves to provide tracking surfaces for hollows and rounds).  
For this session, feel free to bring some of your moulding planes to use/discuss, be prepared to work off lunch in practice work, and check out/review Matt Bickford's book Mouldings in Practice before the meeting.  Should be an enjoyable afternoon.
  • Fill-in Topics:
    • Jim Francis - sharpening difficult carving tools; v-tools, small gouges (i.e #9s and #11s).  There's not much worse than knowing the tool you need isn't sharp, and that you've got to develop a workaround.  Hopefully this discussion will reduce your dull tool syndrome.
    • Barry Daniel - Flattening wide boards using a scrub plane and other tools.  The key here is to discuss how to get flattening done quickly with hand tools.
    • Scraper problems?  Let's talk them over
Final meeting notes:  There will be a charge for this meeting (probably $20/person) to cover lunch and travel expenses for the presenters.  This is pretty reasonable considering the value of content that will be presented.  Also, I'll send out an email to get a definite count for attendees in about a month.
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