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The Tidewater Chapter will hold its fall meeting at Ben Hobb's shop in Bethel, NC from 9am to 4pm.   A no-host lunch will be held at Capt. Bob's Barbecue and Seafood Restaurant.  The theme of this meeting is "Clock cases; a working session".  The agenda will include:
  • Ben has ben able to visit the Thomas White tall case clock and will discuss the various details he saw.  
  • Mary Kafes will discuss some details and lessons learned in building her first Pennsylvania tall case clock (a Lonnie Bird design shown in Fine Woodworking issues 151 and 152).  
  • Having been inspired by the presentation at our mid-year conference, we'll have some fun with sulfur inlay of some interesting details; the type of thing that will start the story, or reputation associated with your clock.  
  • Your discussion/presentation.  This chapter needs your help in making the meeting a good learning experience, so let me know in the next two weeks what you'd like to offer.  The topic can be on any type of clock case.
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