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Join the New England Chapter for our upcoming meeting with Matt Bickford.

Matt will share his knowledge and skills in the use of wood hand planes to shape custom mouldings. Matt is a plane maker, and the author of the book, “Mouldings In Practice”, and teaches his plane woodwork knowledge. He demonstrates the flexible uses of “hollow and round” wood planes. This is a session that will contribute to your woodwork skills and to apply mouldings to period furniture.

In addition, Wes Sunderland will introduce the Stanley #45 and Stanley #55 combination planes. The different features of these two planes will be explained and cutter setups will be demonstrated that should eliminate the confusion associated with the #45 & #55 combination planes. A few common moulds will be planed showing the flexibility of these combination planes. These Stanley planes will surely contribute to your scope in crafting endeavors.

Mark this session on your calendar. A $10 fee is required.

Registration information and address will be posted in the chapter forum: New England Chapter | Society of American Period Furniture Makers - Forums (

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