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Did you know that SAPFM was founded by like-minded makers who met at Colonial Williamsburg's Working Wood in the 18th Century conference? Twenty-three years later we continue to be a proud sponsor of this event, and our members look forward to seeing each other there.  This year's theme is:

A Very Good Effect: Ornamenting 18th Century Woodwork

Registration launching fall of 2022 with both in-person and virtual registration options!

Working Wood in the 18th Century celebrates its 25th year with a flourish of ornament and a gathering of craftspeople and scholars. Whether adorned with carving, inlay, marquetry, or japanning, period woodwork draws much of its enduring appeal from thoughtfully designed and well-executed ornament. Join Colonial Williamsburg staff and special guest presenters Brock Jobe, Mary May, Frank Strazza, and Jerome Bias for an exploration of the techniques, people, and stories behind this decorative splendor.

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