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Saw Filing Seminar
« on: March 04, 2009, 10:44:03 PM »
At our last meeting we decided to have seminars outside of our regular meeting to cover various topics that we find interesting but that the entire chapter might not wish to attend. This is the first of those topics.

Dean Jansa will be conducting a saw sharpening seminar at
Mike Siemsen's shop. The seminar will run 9 am until 12
Saturday, March 28th . You will need to bring a saw to sharpen. There is a
restriction of no more than 9ppi if you've never sharpened a
saw.  If you have done some sharpening and are looking for a
refresher then the sky is the limit, X-cut is fine, rip is
easier for a beginner.
Bring a saw vise if you have one or we will supply shop
made ones.  Files and
vises will be provided at cost. If you own a saw set bring
it along. RSVP with size of saw and whether
you have a vise. Bring a portable lamp if you have one.
Bring an 8" mill file along with your saw (and vise) to
the seminar. There are 2 of the 10 spots still open.
Visitors are welcome to watch but there will only be 10 filing stations.
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