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Drawer depth calculating.
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 I was taught this rule:
 The 1st drawer is 4", for example?                                                              Depth:4"
 Thats 4"+ the centure divider:3/4",making the 2nd drawer:                         Depth:4.3/4"
  Add  2nd drawer: 4.3/4"+ the same 3/4",making the 3rd drawer:              Depth:5.1/2"
  Making the 4th:                                                                                         Depth:6.1/4"
                                                                                                                   And so on.
  Allways ending with the deepest drawer at the bottom.
  Which in some cases is:                                                                              Depth:10-11"
  Making it ideal for storing,Bulky items like: crockery or blankets.

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