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next meeting
« on: April 16, 2007, 09:59:40 AM »
Greetings All from the newest chapter of SAPFM, we have been meeting for some time but it is good to be official. come and visit us!

Our next meeting will be at the Midwest Tool Collectors meet.
The tool collectors meet is on Saturday April 21, from 8 AM to 2 PM at the Hastings Armory, 3050 Red Wing Blvd. We will meet at 11:00 in some corner of the armory. You can shop for tools before or after the meeting. You will need to join the MWTCA to buy sell or trade. It costs $12.00 to get in (that includes lunch) and $25.00 to get in and join the MWTCA.
We will have a table and start our meeting at
11:00 and meet for an hour before lunch and if we are not done we can
continue through lunch.


* meet and greet, say a little about yourself, what you do, what you are working on. Bring photos if you wish. If you are doing a demonstration somewhere or know of one let us know.

* Discuss chapter status, read charter. Decide what we are about.

* make a list of items we plan to cover at meetings and who will talk about them

* make a list of field trips we might enjoy

* schedule our next meeting.  At the Woodworkers guild show next weekend in Edina, when to meet there. Tony and Joel both have pieces in the show.

* develop a secret handshake

Please let us know in advance if you plan to attend so we can let the MWTCA know how many of us there will be. Contact me at [email protected]

See you soon,
Mike Siemsen

Suggestions to date for meeting ideas,

I'd be happy to try to answer questions on

wood/metal planes.  And as always will be a sponge and

suck up anything others share.

Dean Jansa

As for other topics, I would be interested in finishing.  Specifically steps
from beginning to end on shellac based finishes.  This includes padding, french
polishing, rubbing and waxing.  It also includes how to avoid problems such as
clouding and how to deal with them if they occur.

1.  Glazing to enhance color and/or grain.
2.  Adding "age" to a piece.
3.  Painting that includes faux marble and "aged paint".
4.  Gilding both oil and water.
5.  Finding out more about local collections.  I am always looking for sources
   for future projects.
6.  Inlay that would include sulfur as used on table top spice boxes.

If others are interested I would demonstrate and talk about anything I am
comfortable with.  For example carving a ball and claw foot, cutting and
shaping a cabriole leg, cutting angled dovetails, carving other motifs like a
flame, rosette, shell, acanthus etc.  I would also lead a project for anyone
that is interested.  I would not expect the whole group to be interested in the
same project, so this would probably be for a subset.  However, I think that
one learns a lot more by constructing a project than just building elements.
Tony Kubalak

I am hoping to soak in whatever information Randy wants to share on finishing. Specifically I'm interested in his start to finish shellac application schedule and how this should be altered for 1700's, 1800's and 1900's pieces. Also interested in methods for adding patina, rubout, waxing schedules, and even aging secondary woods.

I'm also interested in is visiting a few of the other lesser know museums in the Twin Cities area with 18th century furniture collections, learning more about tuning and using wooden / metal hand planes, and even special topic sessions such as inlay, gilding, corinthian capital carving etc etc etc. I'd be willing to talk about the joinery and/or carving details in the Gratz Highboy too.
Joel Ficke

I don't care what we talk about.  It would be just fun to sit around, drink some coffee and talk smart and get to know each other.  I would be satisfied with that. . Ed Zappen

Steam bending, wood resources, buying materials together in bulk
study a piece at the MIA and make a working drawing, then make the piece as a group
talk about our own work, getting grants, getting published, selling work, connect with other craft organizations, plan to be part of Murphy's landing or some other gathering.
Find good places to meet and demonstrate. Start planning for a Midwest version of the mid year conference. Organize a furniture show at the MIA.
Mike Siemsen
Mike Siemsen
Green Lake Clock Company
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Re: next meeting
« Reply #1 on: April 17, 2007, 10:24:51 AM »
Hey what's with this Minnesota chapter heading......