Author Topic: Plans/Help/Guidance for a Burr Walnut Kneehole Desk  (Read 10685 times)


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Re: Plans/Help/Guidance for a Burr Walnut Kneehole Desk
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Thanks for the compliments, though I?m not sure the desk is worthy of such praise!  The stuff produced by this group is simply overwhelming - it?s the best furniture I?ve seen produced anywhere ? period or not! This was my first attempt at case work, and as such there are lots of things I?m not as proud of.

But what I really want to thank you for is the hint you supplied that lead me to the Charles Hayward books. I ended buying a number of them on Amazon (all for just a few bucks a piece) and got lots of useful information from them. There are techniques covered in those books that aren?t mentioned anywhere else.

But  as you pointed out, the real kudos go to this board. I read many of the old posts and found a treasure trove of hints and guidance that led me though the process. I can state without equivocation that I would not have been able to complete this project had this SAPFM board not been available to me.

One post that I should single out was the one that led me to Robert Millard?s blog and videos: . I would never have attempted hammer veneering without it. I think what I learned most from his videos and blogs is how to recover from things going wrong. It seems most of the other sources that are out there are like cooking shows ? everything?s prepared ahead of time, everything goes as planned. If something goes wrong it gets edited out. Rob simply places the camera in his shop  and walks you through the whole process. Stuff goes wrong  but he doesn?t panic - he simply fixes it and moves on. And this is very important, especially with hammer veneering, where the veneer hardly ever stays put down. Before I saw that I assumed that every mistake or mishap was my fault somehow. I?ve now learned it?s simply part of the process.

The finish is a French polish. I?m not sure if it was appropriate for the desk, but that?s where it ended up. I started out thinking ?I?ll put a couple of coats of shellac on, and then finish w/ wax?. Well, a couple of coats turned to a few, which then had to be rubbed out, which looked soooo good when it was wet and then?, oh well, you get the idea!

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