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SAPFM-FL: Fall 2016 Meeting Report
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SAPFM Florida Chapter Meeting -8/27/2016

By Bob Snyder

August 27, the Florida Chapter of SAPFM met at Mike Lonergan’s new shop at Christmas, Florida. Along with getting out of the heat and humidity in his air-conditioned shop, we were provided with detailed woodworking discussions. Mike led the off with an introduction of Jim Hamer and followed with show and tells of current project activity.  Craig Aebli discussed his bow front cabinet details, including the using hammer veneering, inlayed fans and narrow inlayed stringing. Mike Loneran’s museum quality Demilune table was carefully inspected and it was later used as a discussion point for his segment veneering discussions.

Other shows and tells included small veneered box, Shaker style stool, Greene and Greene style chair and specialty hand-cut gigs for dovetailing.

During Mike’ discussion and demonstration of segmented veneering each of the techniques and gigs he used were demonstrated. A good representation of each of the steps and alternatives to quality work. Practical insight was given.

After a short break, Gary West demonstrated the process he uses for chemical coloration of wood and the theory behind the use. Individual planks were colored with multiple levels of strength. Many of the planks were finished with both differing levels of solution and finish.

Afterward lunch was served and more general discussions and comradery

After lunch David Veatch provided an in-depth discussion of the traditional vacuum bag processes for adhesion of veneer. His unique platen approach caused us to rethink the platen idea.  This was interesting that during the day we discussed Hammering, Cold Press and vacuum bag techniques.
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