Author Topic: Save The Date! Sat, Mar 18 2017: Seminar on Furniture Conservation and Handling  (Read 1551 times)

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Happy New Year and welcome to 2017! The next few months will be busy ones, with the Annual Members Meeting and Banquet during Colonial Williamsburg's Working Wood in the 18th Century (2-5 Feb 2017). The Chesapeake SAPFM (C-SAPFM) chapter also has a number of exciting events in the planning stage, and this post serves as the announcement for the first of these. On Saturday 18 March 2017, we're partnering with the Maryland Montgomery County Historical Society (MCHS) to offer a 1 day seminar focusing on American Period Furniture period and style perspectives, curatorial and conservator perspectives, proper etiquette in viewing and handling antiques and techniques for developing measured drawings within a museum constraint environment.  The meeting will be held in Rockville, MD.
Elizabeth Lay, Decorative Arts Historian from MCHS will provide the curatorial view and period perspective, Bert and Kathy Bleckwenn from C-SAPFM will provide construction materials, tools and techniques perspective and Bruce Schuettinger, Conservator from Schuettinger Conservation Services ( will provide a conservator’s and museum interaction perspective. Bruce will address the issues of how to measure and make drawings from museum objects, without creating stress or damage to the object. He will also bring an inventory of period pieces of furniture, such as carved legs, door panels, and joinery which attendees be able to handle and measure from own collection. He will specifically address issues we discussed during our fall 2016 C-SAPFM meeting.
Registration will open soon with a nominal fee to cover expenses including speaker fees. Participation will be limited to SAPFM members only due to space constraints. Please hold the date on your calendars and look for more details and a registration email within the next month.