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Mark Maleski

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The Chesapeake Chapter of the Society of American Period Furniture Makers is happy to announce registration is now open for a very special one-day seminar in Rockville, Maryland focusing on the knowledge, skills and perspective needed for developing measured drawings for antique furniture present in a museum setting. 

This offering is initially exclusively open to all SAPFM members for the first three weeks and then will be made available to museum patrons for enrollment starting on Saturday, February 18, 2017.  So, do not hesitate to register, as enrollment is limited to 30 participants with allowances for up to five wait-list requests.  Cancellations and refunds will be honored until Friday, March 10, 2017.

To Register: Check your inbox for an email with the registration link (not open to the public so not listing it here).  If you did not receive the email, contact [email protected] to request the link.
Course Name for SAPFM Members::  A Curator and Conservator's Perspective In Developing Measured Drawings

Course Description:
The SAPFM Chesapeake Chapter has partnered with the Montgomery County Historical Society (MCHS) and Schuettinger Conservation Services to offer a one-day seminar focusing on American period furniture and style perspectives, curatorial and conservator perspectives, proper etiquette in viewing and handling antiques and techniques for developing measured drawings within the constraints of a museum or other constrained access environment. 
Course Format: Presentation, lecture, Q&A discussion, hands on demonstrations and inspection of museum furniture pieces

Course Fee:  $95.00 (includes morning coffee/doughnuts and catered box lunch/refreshments)

Elizabeth Lay, Collections Manager, Montgomery County Historical Society
Bruce Schuettinger, President and Wooden Artifacts Conservator, Schuettinger Conservation Services
Saturday, March 18, 2017
8:30-9:00AM - Coffee/Doughnuts
9:00-4:00 meeting with 45 minute break for lunch

Beall-Dawson House Museum - Montgomery County Historical Society
103 W Montgomery Ave, Rockville, MD 20850
 (301) 762-1492,

Parking: Detailed parking instructions and other details will be provided to all attendees approximately one week prior to the seminar and will be within 1-3 blocks of the museum

Introductions, session overview and presentation methods
Curator's introduction and perspective
What is conservation and what do conservators do
What is considered conservation/curatorial language and when should you use it
How to approach a museum curator, conservator, docent, and/or staff member and what are suitable questions and requests
What is considered proper inspection etiquette
What tools should you have with you to conduct the inspection

Morning Break
What protective measures do you need to be aware of, i.e. how to handle a particular piece, by knowing it's joinery, vulnerability,  etc.
What other sources are available for inspections of antique furniture other than major museums i.e. antique shops, antique shows, small house museums, co-ops
Discussion of study (non-exhibited) examples within the collection rather than those on public display
Photography tools and techniques to assist in the copying of a particular facet of a piece i.e. carving, turning, etc.
What are the proper environmental conditions that objects should be exhibited in to ensure their preservation and stability

Lunch - catered box lunch and refreshments provided

How to train one's eye to see the details required to accurately duplicate a piece
What constitutes a historical finish and how to achieve it
A walk through of available museum furniture pieces with open discussions.

For questions, please contact Bert Bleckwenn at [email protected]

Bert Bleckwenn

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I recently had the opportunity to preview the reproduction piece of furniture that Bruce Schuettinger will be using for the upcoming seminar and was blown away by the results especially realizing the challenge of capturing the complexity of design of this piece.

Attached is the actual piece of furniture that Bruce Schuettinger will be using to demonstrate techniques in the seminar for developing drawings of pieces within the constraints of a museum environment.  This is Bruce's actual reproduction of a very special Philadelphia style, Chippendale arm chair that was based on Bruce's results in capturing details of the original piece in one of the major museum constrained environments. 

If you are in driving distance of the Washington DC area, don't miss this last chance to sign up for this upcoming class on Saturday, March 18th in Rockville, MD and learn from a master.
Bert A. Bleckwenn