Author Topic: Second Meeting of the SAPFM Chesapeake Molding Plane Working Group  (Read 2377 times)

Mark Maleski

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SAPFM's Chesapeake Chapter recently kicked-off a working group to focus on the care and use of molding planes to create custom moldings for our projects.  If you're unfamiliar with the working group, you can read about the kick-off meeting on the forum:

On Saturday 23 July 2016, Dan Schwank will once again lead us through restoration of our user planes.  Bert and Kathy Bleckwenn will again host the session in their workshop in Germantown, MD.  Unlike our kick-off, this session will be a deep dive in restoration.  We'll ask everyone to bring at least one plane that's not currently in working order...Dan will help diagnose the necessary steps and we'll work individually to accomplish them.  We'll have the grinders and rotary equipment necessary, but if you think you may need a replacement blade you should bring that along with your plane.  (But don't forget about Bill Ghio's tip to bend the tang if it's so short that it's below the finial).  Secondary focus will be on: (1) introductory session for those who didn't attend on 30 April, and (2) sticking molding exercises.

Instructions for joining us on 23 July:
 1) You must be a current member of SAPFM
 2) You must register by sending an email to:  [email protected]
 3) Please plan to bring $25 to cover food costs.

We're limited to about 15 participants, due to space constraints.  As the date nears, we will send more detailed instructions (including address and start/stop times) to those who have registered.

Looking forward, we also have a session planned on 27 August 2016.  In this future session, Fred Walker will lead the group through use of our planes.  The intent is to have demonstrations and exercises to walk through a series of complex molding profiles.  We're anticipating that by this point everyone has planes that are ready for these exercises, but we'll maintain a secondary focus on the continued restoration of our user planes.  Depending on group interest we could also (or instead) have a primary focus on restoration/sharpening of planes with complex profiles.

Hope to see you there!
Mark Maleski & Charlie Driggs
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Bert Bleckwenn

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Re: Next Meeting of the SAPFM Chesapeake Molding Plane Working Group
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Ten participants had a great time at our second session of our Chesapeake Chapter Molding Plane Working Group!  Everyone brought at least one plane that they were able to successfully refurbish into a working plane.  Dan Schwank was excellent in assisting everyone with diagnosing problems with their planes. Dan conducted another demonstration of heat treating a plane iron.  We started with a Lie-Nielsen blank, profiled it, hardened it and then annealed it.   Participants came away feeling much more comfortable in tackling addition plane refurbishments and heat treating irons.

Many thanks go out to Dan Schwank of Red Rose Reproductions in guiding the workshop participants.

So far, we've had a total of sixteen participants in our two molding plane workshops. 

Our next workshop is scheduled for Saturday, August 27 at Bert & Kathy Bleckwenn's workshop in Germantown, MD.  The focus of the next workshop with be the design, layout and execution of actual molding profiles with participants bringing their own molding planes to  try out.  Several shooting boards will be available for participants to try techniques and develop basic skills and knowledge in sticking their own moldings.  Fred Walker will be our workshop leader.  An announcement of the next workshop will be posted on the SAPFM forum.
Bert A. Bleckwenn