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on: May 09, 2015, 08:28:15 AM
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I'm very pleased to announce my new online video course at Popular Woodworking University, the new site for online classes from Popular Woodworking Magazine: Intro To Hand Tools!

This is for anyone with any level of interest in hand tools, from incorporating a few hand skills into a power tool shop, to doing it all with hand tools. No experience or background knowledge required. Wish you could learn to make the beautiful period pieces you see here? This will get you going.

The course covers all the basics, from rough stock preparation of raw lumber to fine joinery. This will also prepare you for more advanced classes from any of the fine woodworking schools in the US or around the world. You'll have the confidence of knowing you can make your tools sing.

For details, see

These are traditional techniques handed down across generations. I stand on the shoulders of giants, a steward of the craft. In the written material accompanying the video content, I have the privilege of listing among my teachers the following SAPFM members:

•Alan Breed, 2012 Cartouche Award
•Philip C. Lowe, 2005 Cartouche Award
•Christopher Schwarz
•Roy Underhill

I share their passion and am extremely grateful for their generosity in passing on their knowledge.
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