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Newport furniture video series
« on: August 17, 2020, 08:38:16 PM »
 Hey folks,

Just thought I'd share this.
 It's a video presentation tomorrow eve, Tues. Aug 18th (but will remain on YouTube i assume).  It features Jeffrey Greene so it should be good.  Description below.  Not sure if it's a series or just one video on Newport furniture.....

BTW, my 18th century woodworking and carving 2021 schedule is now available and we are registering students.  Our line-up of teachers includes Mary May, Alf Sharp, Ray Journigan, Matt Kenney, Alex Grabovetskiy, Frank Strazza, Marty Leenhouts, and tentatively Windsor chairmaker Shawn Murphy and ladderback chairmaker, David Douyard.

--Wm. F. Brown

Here's the description of the Jeffrey Greene video:

Join us for a new Whitehorne From Home series, Furniture Inside Out, where we take a close look at one exceptional piece in the Whitehorne House Museum collection. We'll explore how it was made, how it functioned (and still functions), and even unpack some of the current mysteries surrounding the object—from the inside out. This episode features Jeffrey Greene, a furniture maker and independent researcher specializing in 18th-century furniture, and takes a close look at the construction and artistry of a dressing table (or lowboy) that is currently on display on the second floor of Whitehorne House Museum.
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