Author Topic: Peach State using Federal Table project to teach period techniques  (Read 2798 times)

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Peach State SAPFM is trying something different.  In October, 5 members of our membership began a project to build a simple Federal style small table with drawer.  The table has all the components of a larger piece, thereby giving the students experience in nearly all phases of a case piece except for carving.

Our state chapter has some very talented people who are building amazing pieces.  But we felt we could share that knowledge through this learning experience.  Five instructors are working with the group to teach techniques in cutting mortises, tenons, dovetails, hammer veneering, ornamentation and hand applied finish.  All techniques are done using hand tools. 

We are privileged to have a local Woodcraft owner who supports us with anything we ask.  Steve Quehl owns and operates the local Roswell, GA Woodcraft.  An experienced hand tool craftsman, Steve is one of our instructors.  He also has made his spacious teaching room at the store available to us and been very generous with store resources and access to supplies.  All classes are being held at the Roswell Woodcraft.

The students are well on their way.  They range in experience from a highly motivated novice with a great passion for period furniture, to others with varying degrees of knowledge and experience.  None of the students has ever completed a project with all these features.  Our goal as instructors was to show that with hand tools, some guidance, practice, and on-going support and feedback, they too could build a quality piece. 

Over the course of 3 months, meeting on average every week for 3 hours, we hope to bring 5 members up to the level of being confident in taking on more complicated pieces and expanding the memberships body of work.

You can see what we are doing and other news from Peach State at our new blog  We also have an informational web site for our group at   

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Re: Peach State using Federal Table project to teach period techniques
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That's really cool, Ken.  I'm convinced this is one of the best ways for the local chapters to have an impact and grow our collective skills with period furniture techniques.  The Chesapeake Chapter is doing something similar, with a rococco focus.  The real heroes are those members who generously share their expertise.


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Re: Peach State using Federal Table project to teach period techniques
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Ken, I am new to the group here, but have interest in the group that is skill building.  Is this something someone can still get into, or is this full?