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Thomas Elfe COC.
« on: April 14, 2011, 10:31:42 AM »

I downloaded Sketchup and trying to learn how to use it.... So my test case to use it on is a Thomas Elfe COC out of the "Thomas Elfe Cabinetmaker" book, page 21-23. Not having any Pic of Details of this, I'm going by the book and a few of the Pic's in the book that I can see. But this has lead me a few Questions.

Per the book:  Drawer spacer/dust stops have, 3/4" cypress board and rest in dadoed grooves in the side walls. They extend about three-fourths of the way to the back, leaving an open vertical space at the rear.


Would it just have a plane dado from front to back with out any type of holding joint, like a half dovetail on the Mahog drawer spacer?
Elfe leaves a open space on the back of dust board. Is this normal even on others full dust boards by other makers...?

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Re: Thomas Elfe COC.
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The dust boards could be 3/4 or full width.  It was done both ways.  They would have been half dovetailed into the sides.



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Re: Thomas Elfe COC.
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for those who may not have seen it, Jack Plane wrote a most excellent piece on dustboards at his web site Pegs and 'Tails (see 2/22/11)