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Re: An Out Standing Chest
« Reply #105 on: November 04, 2020, 12:40:22 PM »
B.Higgins,  I would highly recommend you obtain the book: Carving 18th CenturyAmerican Furniture Elements written by Tony Kubalak, our current Cartouche Award winner. I have all the Gottshall books and am familiar with the lowboy. His books are outdated and were written before folks were allowed direct access to many of the museums where many of this membership access information for their projects. His drawings of the carvings are inaccurate and his measurements seem to be educated guesses. With that said he and other authors of that era kept interest alive in American period furniture. I just checked my favorite book site which is and the book is available for less than $20.00  Good luck!  Ross


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Re: An Out Standing Chest
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Thanks for the feedback rac50. This is exactly what I was looking for when I posted here. It is too bad to hear about Gottshall's books. I think I may have the book on carving. Can't put my hands on it at this time...

I think if I can get a rough idea of the size to make the low boy I think I could figure it out.

I know this is a website for people who are building period reproductions and I appreciate that. I am just trying to improve upon what I can currently do. The chest in this thread gave me the opportunity to build ogee feet for the first time and the author did a great job telling how he built it. I have not made anything with a Queen Anne style leg and I would like to make that next.