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Workshops and Classes / 18 century carving and furniture making
« Last post by bbrown on February 23, 2021, 08:42:50 AM »

Hey folks,

 Just want to let everyone know that we still have spots available at the Maine Coast Workshop in beautiful seaside Camden, Maine this summer/fall.  Class size should be small (5 on average), so it's a unique opportunity to get in on the ground floor, as we get on the map, for some amazing classes....  [/font][/size]
[/color]We feature SAPFM cartouche winners who are also world-class instructors.
[/color]Maine Coast Workshop School of Woodworking
Camden, Maine
Wm. Francis Brown

[/color]2021 Class schedule
[/color]June 14-18, 2021 Alexander Grabovetskiy (from FL) – Classical Carving
June 19-21 Marty Leenhouts (from MN) – Chip Carving
July 5 – 8 Frank Strazza (TX) – Marquetry and Inlay
July 12 – 16 Mary May (SC) – Acanthus Carving ‘Deep Dive’
August 9 – 14 Matt Kenney (MA) – Make a Kumiko Tea Cabinet
September 13-18 Ray Journigan (VA) – Make & Carve the iconic John Elliott Chippendale Stool
October 3-9 Alf Sharp (TN) – Make a Queen Anne Chair

[/color]Upcoming:[/color][color=rgb(var(--color_15))]Nantucket Baskets
  • [color=rgb(var(--color_15))]Make a Windsor Chair with Shawn Murphy[/color]
  • [color=rgb(var(--color_15))]Chippendale tall clock[/color]
  • [color=rgb(var(--color_15))]Make a classic workbench[/color]
  • [color=rgb(var(--color_15))]Shaker Oval Boxes[/color]
  • [color=rgb(var(--color_15))]Chester County spice box[/color]
  • [color=rgb(var(--color_15))]Line-and-Berry inlay[/color]
  • [color=rgb(var(--color_15))]Ladderback Chair with David Douyard[/color]
  • [color=rgb(var(--color_15))]Make a Traditional 18th Century Floor Cloth[/color]
  • [color=rgb(var(--color_15))]Green Woodworking - bowls, spoons, and more[/color]
  • [color=rgb(var(--color_15))]Saw Sharpening with Matt Cianci[/color]
  • [color=rgb(var(--color_15))]Chippendale tilt-top piecrust tea table[/color]
  • [color=rgb(var(--color_15))]Sharpening Intensive weekends​​[/color]
  • [color=rgb(var(--color_15))]Folk painting for furniture[/color]
  • [color=rgb(var(--color_15))]Beginning watercolour[/color]
  • [color=rgb(var(--color_15))]More...We welcome suggestions![/color]
Items for Sale / FS:Pfeil Swiss Made Back Bent Gouges...New
« Last post by jmgalvin on February 21, 2021, 10:08:10 AM »
Have the following Pfeil Swiss Made Back Bent Gouges for sale....Never been used:[/size]25-3 $40 + shipping25-6 $40 + shipping25-10 $40 + shipping25-13 $40 + shipping28-10 $40 + shipping


Indiana Chapter / Re: Indiana Chapter Spring 2021 zoom meeting
« Last post by mark00thomas on February 07, 2021, 10:36:40 AM »
Sam, I would like to watch this zoom meeting.
Indiana Chapter / Indiana Chapter Spring 2021 zoom meeting
« Last post by Sam Rhodes on February 06, 2021, 03:26:11 PM »

Chapter members: Cartouche winner Jay Journigan will be our presenter at our zoom meeting [/size]on Saturday 22 May starting at 10:00AM .I'll send out a reminder at the beginning of May and if you're interested in joining you can let me know and I'll send you a zoom invite.
[/size]Here's the topic:

Building what you can't see.  Join Ray as he explains his process of reproducing a Jonathan Shoemaker style Chippendale Armchair, without actually seeing the original.  Follow along, through research, drawing plans, making patterns and techniques used to reproduce one of the finest examples of the Chippendale  style.
Discuss topics not covered in other categories. / Prospect Box
« Last post by JOHN IN TORONTO on February 04, 2021, 08:59:40 PM »

I'm working on a secretary desk. Right now building the prospect box. Do any of you know where that name comes from? I can't find any information on this.


Discuss topics not covered in other categories. / Re: American Period Furniture 2020
« Last post by macchips4 on January 31, 2021, 01:17:27 PM »
Just received the American Period Furniture journal on Friday 29th.
Hi Bob,  I have not received the jornal yet.  At what point should I be worried that it is lost?  I am in Philadelphia, and have experienced nearly 1 month delays in items shipped by USPS in December, so I am trying to be patient...

Ryan Ketrow
Case Furniture / Re: Nathan Lombard Eagle Inlay
« Last post by ttalma on January 25, 2021, 08:38:18 AM »
There was an article in on of the APF journals. They are available for purchase in the publications section here on the web site.
Case Furniture / Nathan Lombard Eagle Inlay
« Last post by Ronald Young on January 24, 2021, 04:28:51 PM »
I’m looking for information on making the Nathan Lombard Eagle inlay shown on his secretary bookcase on the  book cover of American Furniture, the Federal Period. I seem to recall an article or demonstration by Steve Latta on making this inlay using gouges. Any help be appreciated. 
Thanks Mark,

I took advantage of the new postings of PDF versions of the past issues and downloaded a copy of the 2004 issue.  Wonderful collection of articles.  Wish the pictures were more of the publication quality, but the article is easy to follow.  The knife case is more involved than I originally conceived, however, I'm now more interested to follow through.  Steve Lash did a superb reconstruction.
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