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Title: Seeking Project Presentations for Upcoming Chesapeake Chapter Meeting
Post by: Mark Maleski on April 08, 2017, 09:10:43 AM
Greetings SAPFM Members!  Your chapter leads have all been busy this spring planning last month's seminar with Montgomery County Historical Society, the new exhibit on Furniture (opens today!) and the upcoming Winterthur tour.  That said, we'd also like to hold a traditional chapter meeting.  Bess Naylor has agreed to be our host at Olde Mill Cabinet Shoppe in York, PA.  But all of our ideas for featured presenters have thus fall fallen through (several folks can do our fall meeting, so that one is already well planned).  Thus this message is a call for chapter members to consider what you could present to the group; what projects have you completed (or are in the middle of), or what techniques have you learned; or what plans have you developed that would be of interest to the rest of the group?  If we can get enough internal topics and interest in going forward, we'll build our agenda around that and go forward with the meeting.

To get things started, below are agenda topics we have already identified:

1. Chapter discussion: we like to keep this brief, but do want to take the opportunity to plan for upcoming chapter activities with those assembled.  We'll discuss some opportunities for joint demonstrations with the Delaware Valley chapter, upcoming Lie-Nielsen demos, and similar.  We'll also provide a summary from our other spring activities: the March class @ MCHS on handling/measuring period furniture and the Winterthur tour for SAPFM members.

2. Member Projects Show & Tell:

 - I can show the marking and joinery gauges I made, following the specifications of those in the Benjamin Seaton chest.  I'll discuss sources I used to get the measurements (spoiler: I used Jane & Mark Reese's book, "Tool Chest of Benjamin Seaton," Dean Jansa's Popular Woodworking article, and Bob Rozaieski's video). I'll demonstrate how I built the gauges, showing a few in-progress steps as well as the completed gauges.  I'll discuss some alternate construction methods and share my lessons-learned.  This is a quick and easy build that I'd put off for years - they're better than any manufactured gauges I own and I hope to encourage others to build some.  I know several others in our group have also built these, and hope it turns into a group discussion.

 - I can show a recently-completed (fingers crossed!) Queen Anne side table with classically proportioned cabriole legs, pad feed, and elaborately shaped rails.  This is a copy of a Massachusetts "tea table" at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts (1740 - 1760) that I've reproduced from photographs.  I'll show how I drew up plans from the photograph while discussing some of the difficulties I encountered and how I overcame them. I'll discuss how & why I built a practice 3-dimensional model out of scrap to ensure the plans translated well to the 3-D form, and show my end result.  I'll welcome feedback on the finished piece, so hope to prompt another group discussion at the conclusion of this presentation.

3. Bess Naylor, owner of Olde Mill Cabinet Shoppe, has agreed to discuss the projects that she has underway based on the classes she offers. She plans to cover painted chests from Taunton, Massachussets (including some original construction details that are often overlooked in modern reproductions) and perhaps some other special high-style Philadelphia pieces.

Email us at [email protected] with your topics, please!  We'll update this post to let everyone know if we're a "go" for the meeting.
Title: Re: Seeking Project Presentations for Upcoming Chesapeake Chapter Meeting
Post by: Mark Maleski on April 24, 2017, 04:42:04 PM
We're rescheduling this meeting for 17 June 2017, at Olde Mill Cabinet Shoppe in York, PA.  A detailed announcement for that meeting will be posted shortly in separate thread.