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Title: Fall 2016 Chapter Meeting & Period Furniture Techniques Class
Post by: Mark Maleski on August 11, 2016, 11:53:50 AM
Registration is now open for the next SAPFM Chesapeake Chapter meeting on 24 September at The Woodworkers Club in Rockville, MD.  Information on our host venue (including address and driving directions) is here:  You may register for the chapter meeting on 24 September by sending an email to [email protected] signaling your intent to attend (also note any items you'll be bringing for Tips & Tricks or Show & Tell, as well as any dietary restrictions you may have).  We're also hosting a 1-day class on Sunday, 25 September, focused on teaching/practicing 18th century traditional furniture techniques. The class will provide expert, personalized instruction and help participants to raise the level of their joinery.  You can read more about the class and enroll at the following link: (Note: you cannot enroll in this class by sending an email to csapfm)

Saturday 24 September: Fall Chapter Meeting @ The Woodworkers' Club in Rockville, MD.  Please bring $25 (exact change preferred) to cover food and incidentals.   Agenda is as follows:

 - 09:00-09:30:  Arrival, sign-in and social (with coffee and donuts)
 - 09:30-10:15:  Short intro session to discuss chapter objectives and plans  
 - 10:15-11:00:  Summary of Molding Plane Working Group & plan for future activities  
 - 11:00-12:00:  Tips & Tricks / Member Show & Tell.  Finish up any in-process projects and plan to bring them in.  It need not be a completed project - we're also interested in jigs you've created to solve a difficult problem, or any methods you've devised.  
 - 12:00-  1:00:  Boxed Lunch
 - 1:00 - Close:  Featured presenters.  

We have the honor of hosting Jeff Headley and Steve Hamilton, who operate the fifth generation Mack S. Headley and Sons cabinet shop in the historic Shenandoah Valley, as our featured speakers. They will be bringing a selection of their pieces of actual period furniture and use them as a basis for discussing history and construction, tools of the trade employed in their shop, along with period construction and finishing techniques.  Jeff and Steve continue the fine tradition of many generations, over eighty years, of the Headley family business of Antiques, Restorations, and Reproductions of 17th and 18th Century furniture.  In addition, they also operate the Woodworking Workshops of the Shenandoah Valley out of the same shop.  Jeff and Steve regularly offer week-long and week-end classes on fine furniture construction techniques, while using a mix of modern machines and time-proven hand tools. You can find further details on their websites at and at

 - Sunday 25 September: Given the opportunity presented by Jeff and Steve being here for our chapter meeting, we have arranged with The Woodworkers' Club to host an optional 1-day class with them focused on Traditional Furniture Techniques.  Jeff Headley and Steve Hamilton will teach the class, and you may (and should!) enroll now at This class is a compressed version of the exceptionally-valuable class that Jeff and Steve teach at their own workshop throughout the year. Several of our chapter members have completed that class, and recommended it as an excellent opportunity for the relatively inexperienced woodworker to gain foundational skills, and for experienced period craftsmen to practice and hone their craft under Jeff and Steve‚Äôs expert tutelage.   In this class, Jeff and Steve will teach the period joinery secrets and time-saving processes they have learned while operating a 5th generation period furniture restoration and reproduction shop.  Starting the morning off with their personal approaches to maintaining sharp tools, they will then show you tricks to improve your hand-cut dovetails for drawers and slide dovetails for furniture rails. After a short break for lunch, Jeff and Steve will work with you to hone your coping saw skills for mortise and tenon and mitered joinery.  Best of all, this class will help you to understand how (and when) to apply these techniques to your furniture. These techniques will help you to either create authentic reproductions of period furniture, or to apply these techniques to ensure rock-solid andlasting construction for furniture styles of any era! If there is still time and you aren't exhausted from all of that, sawing/cutting out a Queen Anne cabriole leg will culminate an amazing day of hands-on training.

Lastly, these meetings are wonderful recruiting events for the chapter...please think about any potential future members and extend this invitation to them (we welcome first-time guests).  The space limits us to ~40 attendees, but we'd rather be cramped than turn people away!
Title: Re: Registration Open: Fall 2016 Chapter Meeting & Period Furniture Techniques Class
Post by: Mark Maleski on August 31, 2016, 10:39:48 PM
Registration is now OPEN!! (see updated message above with details and registration instructions).