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Title: Registration Now Open: Spring 2015 SAPFM Chesapeake Chapter Meeting
Post by: Mark Maleski on February 06, 2015, 01:14:36 PM
Announcement: Spring 2015 SAPFM Chesapeake Chapter Meeting
•   Date: May 30, 2015
•   Location: Olde Mill Cabinet Shoppe, York, PA
•   Plan to Bring: (1) a chair, (2) $25 to cover costs, and (3, optional) Show & Tell item(s)

Hello, and Happy 2015!

The Spring 2015 Chesapeake SAPFM Regional Chapter meeting has been in development over the past couple of months, and we now have the major chunks of the agenda finalized.  The meeting will be held on 30 May, 2015 at a new and different location  -- Olde Mill Cabinet Shoppe, 1660 Camp Betty Washington Rd, York, PA 1740  [website:].  We will have two featured speakers in this meeting, so we plan to begin earlier in the day then we have in the past.  We will begin promptly at 9 am (with sign in, coffee/doughnuts, and socializing beginning at 8 am) and conclude at 4 pm.  We likely will need all seven hours to cover our usual business and both guest speakers.

Our first speaker is Bess Naylor, owner of Olde Mill Cabinet Shoppe, a period furniture school, workshop, and woodworking supplies business. Bess will provide an overview of Olde Mill Cabinet Shoppe and present a sampling of the 18th century reproduction techniques that she teaches through the school (details of her presentation are being finalized; Bess has many teaching topics to choose from).  Our second speaker will be Wilbur Pan, from central New Jersey.  Wilbur will give us a presentation on Japanese-style tools and their application to western soft and hardwoods.  He will provide his insights regarding the differences in approach between 'far eastern' and 'western' hemisphere furniture styles and the tools used.  

Pre-registration will be required.  We will send out another notice prior to the meeting with additional details on the day’s agenda and to request your RSVP.  As you might expect, a working cabinet shop does not keep stacks of meeting chairs for visitors, so please bring at least one chair with you. Given the strong attendance at recent Chapter meetings, we are hoping we do not have a shortage of space, so an early head-count would be very helpful -- if you do expect to attend when you receive this notice, please let us know.  As noted above, a final count will also be sought before the meeting, and you can either confirm or beg off at that time.

The day's agenda will include time for socializing, as well as short topic discussions, along with lunch and refreshments.  We likely will also have our regular member Show & Tell, and the Tool Exchange, so bring any completed or work-in-process projects, tools or jigs that would be of interest to your fellow and lady woodworkers, or unused woodworking items that you would like to sell.   Show & Tell will only work if members are willing to show off their work, so please consider bringing something to share with the rest of the group.

So please mark your calendars now and watch for our RSVP request in April.

Mark Maleski, Chapter President
Charlie Driggs, Chapter Secretary & Treasurer
Title: Re: Registration Now Open: Spring 2015 SAPFM Chesapeake Chapter Meeting
Post by: Mark Maleski on April 24, 2015, 10:32:08 AM
Local members should have an email in their inboxes declaring registration open.  If you want to attend, please send a message to [email protected] letting us know that you'll attend.
Title: Re: Registration Now Open: Spring 2015 SAPFM Chesapeake Chapter Meeting
Post by: Mark Maleski on June 03, 2015, 09:24:24 AM
We had a successful chapter meeting on Saturday at Olde Mill Cabinet Shoppe in York, PA, with strong attendance and an intense focus on American period furniture.  Charlie and I will provide a full summary in an upcoming newsletter, but here are the highlights:

 -Bess Naylor led our morning session by showing and describing reproductions that she has built (or is building) through Olde Mill C.S.  She described her techniques for creating barley-twist legs, painting and inlay in the rural PA style, drawer locks, hidden compartments, and rush seat chairs. We discussed, and refuted, established truths such as the idea that 18th century cabinetmakers always covered their end grain.

 -Wilbur Pan led our afternoon session by sharing his insights into Japanese tools; through his discussion we not only learned about potential advantages of applying Japanese tools and techniques in an American period woodshop, we got to some core truths about woodwork by considering furniture construction from a new (to many of us) perspective.

 -We held a couple of “show-and-tell” sessions throughout the day. Adam Weigand shared his side table, with raised panel doors and milk-paint finish. Stephen Soppe shared his baroque tea caddy, made with mahogany and 2 hidden compartments. Dan Schwank shared a panel raising plane that he built, as well as his spill plane and winding sticks. And Mark Maleski shared his Chippendale chair, a reproduction of one made by Benjamin Randolph ca. 1770 and following plans from Olde Mill Cabinet Shoppe.

Our next meeting will be held in early October at The Woodworker’s Club in Rockville, MD.  Details to follow in separate thread.