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Title: SAPFM Demo @ Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event May 1-2 2015
Post by: Mark Maleski on February 06, 2015, 01:11:04 PM
·    Date: May 1-2, 2015
·    Location: Exotic Hardwoods, Frederick, MD
·    Purpose: Demonstrate period furniture techniques, recruit new members
·    Needed:
        o   Volunteers to demonstrate and/or talk to prospective members
        o   Examples of furniture for display
·    Reply to [email protected] to volunteer

Many of our members may have attended a L-N Hand Tool Event sometime in the last decade, at least once.  Since the holidays, we have been in conversation with Deneb Puchalski at Lie-Nielsen regarding coordination of an event in our region.  The discussion involves having members of the Chesapeake Chapter of SAPFM provide demonstration(s) of tool usage and furniture-making techniques, including carving methods.

The event will need volunteers for time slots of perhaps 1-2 hours, with 2 or 3 members 'working' each time slot.  The chapter will bring a display to show the benefits of SAPFM membership and the Chesapeake chapter. We will also provide a carving bench for demonstrations.

This is a great venue to show other woodworkers what we do, and for us to test-drive potential purchases for anyone considering L-N products or tools (remember that L-N sell tools from other manufacturers too).  All attendees get to try out L-N tools and other tools or hardware that L-N may have brought to the event, and where else can you get to do that?  L-N may also (and frequently do) give demonstrations of new tools and have Q&A sessions (and may have food).

For those unfamiliar with these L-N Events, they are an outgrowth of the "hands-on test drive" approach that L-N have always offered in the showroom at the Maine factory.  Purchases can be made at the event, although some items may have to be shipped separately by L-N if they bring insufficient numbers to satisfy all interest.

Here's what is needed:
-      Commitments to "man the booth" for some portion of the time (looking for 2 hour slots, or multiples thereof).
-      Offers to demonstrate some skill that provides an example of SAPFM techniques.
-      Offers to provide furniture that you have built for us to display.
-      Bonus: a workbench that could be (easily?) transported and used for the event (to supplement the one I bring).

SAPFM Chapters have been frequent participants in L-N Hand Tool Events across the country, and this has been a good way for many SAPFM Chapters to engage prospective members or attract guest attendance at SAPFM events.  Greater attendance at our events may mean lower Chapter event fees at the door, so if you need it, there is another incentive to help with these events.

Mark Maleski, Chapter President
Charlie Driggs, Chapter Secretary & Treasurer
Title: Re: SAPFM Demo @ Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event May 1-2 2015
Post by: Mark Maleski on April 10, 2015, 10:31:42 AM
Our schedule for this event is firming up.  Here's what's on tap for the weekend:

1 May 2015 (Friday)
 - M. Maleski: Carving Demo
 - Jonathan S.: Chip Carving / Dovetailing
 - Bryan Robinson: Outreach

 - Larry Barrett: Green Woodworking
 - M. Maleski: Carving Demo

2 May 2015 (Saturday)
 - B. Landis: Carving / Joinery
 - Tom Dugan: Hand Tool Petting Zoo

 - Tom Dugan: Hand Tool Petting Zoo
 - M. Maleski: Carving Demo

There's still more room for other participants, and all are welcome to attend the event.  If anyone else wants to get involved, send an email to [email protected]
Title: Re: SAPFM Demo @ Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event May 1-2 2015
Post by: Mark Maleski on May 04, 2015, 10:05:51 AM
The demo this past weekend was good fun.  We had a good turnout on both days (with some surges and lulls) and some great conversations with participants who didn't know anything about SAPFM prior to the event.  We handed out a bunch of pamphlets and took several names/emails of prospective members. We spread the word about SAPFM and built some new relationships within the community, and I'm confident we'll see more than a few new members as a result.  Special thanks to our demonstrators:
 - Larry Barrett brought his shave horse and showed participants how to shave spindles. He brought his joint stool and post/rung chair (though not the same one he had in Popular Woodworking recently) for display.
 - Tom Dugan put togehter his "Hand Tool Petting Zoo."  Tom has an impressive tool chest full of vintage and reproduction tools. Participants shot moldings, sawed, chiseled, etc. and got a sense of how we build our reproductions.
 - Brian Landis led participants in cutting dovetails.  For many participants, this was their first dovetail joint
 - I showed some carving sample boards I prepared, and did a little live carving while talking up SAPFM.  Many who I spoke with had not used a really sharp tool before, and I showed them what a sharp gouge through basswood feels like.
 - Bryan Robinson, Jonathan Szczepanski, and Charlie Driggs helped with outreach.

If we do this event again (and I see no reason not to), I'll want to focus even more on simple, introductory projects. Many of the participants I spoke with hadn't yet built their first piece.  If we show them some beginner level projects and help them make the leap from tool collector to builder, I suspect we'll help to create the next generation of SAPFM members.

Mark Maleski