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Title: Tidewater Chapter Fall 2014 Meeting
Post by: BarryDaniel on November 07, 2014, 09:23:49 PM
Good Evening,
Ben Hobbs hosted our Fall 2014 Meeting, with a special class and demonstration by Mary May. The presentations were very informative and exciting. What made this meeting more exciting was the 2-day class held on Thursday and Friday.

Mary provided us with a lesson on carving the Edenton, NC ball and claw foot. The basics of carving this type of ball and claw can be applied to the Philadelphia and possibly the Boston feet as well. What makes the Edenton different is the rear talon, which is all talon from the webbing down to the floor. Of course the highlight of the class was Ben demonstrating his sharpening technique to Mary. There was a definite gasp when Ben purposely jabbed a chisel in the concrete floor. She was impressed in 30 seconds he had a good edge on the tool. Needless to say she was impressed. Those in the class have already been exposed to his unique method. Think belt-sander......

During the meeting on Saturday, Mary again provided a demonstration on sharpening gouges and V-chisel. She also provided a demo on carving a small shell drawer front from the Thomas White Desk. The impressive part was Mary carving one type of shell on one half, and another version on the other half. She is a pro after all.

Ben gave a talk on some of the particulars and lessons learned on building the Thomas White Desk. In particular Ben discussed the unique secret compartments and their construction. Finally, Ben discussed his finishing technique for this particular piece which involved dye, brushed on shellac, wet sanding, and finished off with sprayed on shellac.

Plans for our next meeting we hammered out, which will be held at Somerton Ridge Hardwoods ( in Suffolk, VA on March 28th. We've already confirmed with Chris Vickers and are looking forward to meeting up. So bring your truck, u-haul, or trailer and the checkbook. Don Williams (aka Mr. Shellac) will be there presenting, bring your questions on anything to do with finishing.

Finally, I will be sending out e-mails to keep everyone informed. I also will be posting on Facebook if you follow social media. We have a comprehensive list of e-mail contacts, if you are not sure your name is on the list please send them my way.

Barry Daniel
Camden, NC
[email protected]
Title: Re: Tidewater Chapter Fall 2014 Meeting
Post by: BarryDaniel on November 07, 2014, 09:26:45 PM
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Title: Re: Tidewater Chapter Fall 2014 Meeting
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