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Title: (Chesapeake) Chapter Formation Documents - for the April 9th meeting
Post by: Bert Bleckwenn on March 07, 2011, 09:08:48 AM
We will be formalizing the Maryland Regional SAPFM Chapter at the first meeting on Saturday, April 9th and as part of this formalization, we will be finalizing our charter, finalizing the name of the chapter and electing officers.  

Most SAPFM members  and non-members that have signed up to be members and attend the meeting have received the original meeting notice from me which included the "Meeting Notice Attachments - 022211.pdf" that provided chapter formation information that will need to be finalized at the meeting.  Because of it's size, I've split out the contents and am providing the chapter formation information as a separate attachment to this posting. The contents include:

Attendees are asked to please review the information prior to the meeting, submit suggested charter changes, alternative chapter names and either volunteer for an officer position and/or nominate others for an officer position to me via an email ([email protected])  

Attendees should come prepared to discuss and vote on these elements at the meeting.