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Title: Spring meeting for SAPFM OF VIRGINIA
Post by: Joe Lambert on February 18, 2011, 09:06:08 PM
Dear SAPFM Woodworker members:

          Last week I received final confirmation from Stratford Hall,  Lee's ancestral home. The date will be Saturday April 2nd. John Davis will be presenting the Walker Table which was, in the past, at Lee's home. Don Williams who is new to board at SAPFM National will present traditional period finishes. I am told that Stratford has sold some of its vast collection which was not original to the home and has replaced it with appropriate reproductions. Hopefully they will allow us an appropriate amount of time to inspect the pieces. No promises but I have requested an early viewing to accommodate our group. There will be ample room for us to display the work of our members if you wish to bring something. Lunch can be in the form of a boxed lunch or the dinning room will be open for those who would like a more sumptuous meal with more variety. Of coarse you can bring your own meal.

         The cost of our visit will be $45.00 which will include the rental of the room and lunch ( if you choose the box lunch )  This is a non refundable fee as we need enough commitment to pay for the use of the room. If you wish to not order lunch and eat in the dinning room you may pay separate there at the dinning Hall , then the cost  will be 35.00 to me. What is not collected is the cost of the admission to the house, but the group rate is only $9.00. As usual there will be coffee, drinks donuts and or pastries for the early morning. The Physical address is located at for those who want to set there GPS. There are hotels in Fredricksburg for those who wish to come the evening before and Stratford is about 45 minutes away in Stafford County.

         Without a doubt I think this promises to be one of our best meetings because of the strength of John and Don and there Knowledge of woodworking. There will be room for fifty to attend at least and more as I am told the room can accommodate more but for now we will leave it at fifty. I will need to know to have a final count by March 24th and checks or money will have to arrive by that time to meet obligations. Final counts for the lunches will have to be in at that time as well to give a final count to order the Box lunches. I look forward to seeing everyone at what I believe is our fifth annual gathering. If there is enough interest in the dinning hall providing a group lunch  some can do that while others can get a boxed lunch. But we will need at least 15 to do this. Then there is the open dinning hall which has A La Carte items. Stratford Hall opens at 9:30 with the house tour starting a 10:00 AM.





                                                                           Joe Lambert

                                                                           Va SAPFM Chair
Title: Re: Spring meeting for SAPFM OF VIRGINIA
Post by: jdavis on March 15, 2011, 09:11:21 PM
VA Chapter attendees,
I received an email recently from the folks at Stratford Hall indicating that the Walker table that Joe refers to will be at SH during the meeting. The curator suggested that we might have the opportunity to set my table next to the original. I'm not so sure I could handle that but its an interesting idea.

I am honored to be the opening act for The Honorable Don Williams and I look forward to seeing those that can attend.

Title: Re: Spring meeting for SAPFM OF VIRGINIA
Post by: Mark Maleski on March 16, 2011, 09:04:46 AM