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Norman J. Landry, Jr. - Final Cut

Norman J. Landry, Jr. - August 20, 2011

SAPFM lost a devoted member August 20 with the passing of Norman J. Landry, Jr. of Houston, Texas.
Norman served on the SAPFM Executive Committee until he fell ill in 2009. His time on the Executive Committeewas marked by tremendous energy and enthusiasm. He brought his strong organizational skills to bear on developing the regional chapter formation process. Several current chapters are the result of his seeking out members in other parts of the country and convincing them to begin regional chapters.
Norman was also instrumental in founding the Lone Star Chapter, where he fostered closer ties between local members and the museum community, particularly at Bayou Bend.
Formerly employed in the publishing industry, Norman helped to ensure that SAPFM’s printed materials budget was spent wisely.
Norman was unfailingly upbeat. He had many more ideas for the growth and development of SAPFM that he wanted to work on that were interrupted by his illness.
He was a fine woodworker and an even finer friend. Our sympathies are with his family. He will be missed.

~Bob Mustain

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